Midnight Way Home

I was on my way back to the province late - nope, make that - early this midnight last Monday. I was shocked when I learned that there was no more van going to our place. What to do in the middle of the night? If I go back to our other house here in the city, I would have to wake up really early just to make it to work on time. Then I remembered a coworker saying about a bus bound to Pacita which can lead me to a stop for jeepneys going to our place. So I decided to push through not really knowing where exactly I should alight. All I could think of was that I should get there somehow.

It was an adventure not knowing where I was headed or if I was going to the right place. At first, it was fine because I love the thrill and excitement. However, as we near the expressway, I felt scared. On normal circumstances where there's the sun to light our way and there are a lot of people to ask directions, it would seem very easy. However, the night is unsafe for a novice like me in a foreign land. But I got to stay strong and have faith.

I woke up from the voice of the conductor telling us that we reached Pacita. Luckily, it was the stopover of many modes of transportation. I saw a bus going back to Manila if ever I get lost. As I alighted the bus, I saw a jeepney going to our place. Thank you Universe! I exclaimed to myself. I walked further in front of the jeepney line to ride the first one.

Inside the jeep, I noticed a handsome, jock type guy at the other end. He's really good looking. His body seemed to be toned by basketball and not by hours in the gym - which for me is such a huge turn-on. For the whole 17-peso trip, I kept on glancing to his direction back and forth. I was thinking, this may be the last time we'll see each other, so why be shy.

Mr. Athletic alighted the vehicle a few hundred meters away from where I alighted. At that hour in the morning, I didn't know where to ride a tricycle to take me inside the village. So I decided to walk.

As I was walking towards the village gate, a tricycle came from the back. I moved slightly to the side to let it through. I peeked inside and was shocked with what I saw. It was Mr. Athletic! OMG! He lives in our village. I wanna dash towards the tricycle so that I would know where it would take him.

My whole way home, I kept on thinking where my crush lives and would we see each other again.

I believe in destiny, fate and all that schiznit. So if it's really meant to be, then it must be. If it's not, then I just have to accept it.

Nevertheless, the thought of us meeting again in a strange way again, makes me wet giddy.


  1. Nakakabitin naman ag=ng wetness/giddy moment mo kay mr A...

    argh... akala ko talaga may nangyari... hihihihi

    1. sabi nga ni Bea, "hindi dahil gusto mo, makukuha mo." hehe