Friendzoned or Sexzoned: Which is Better?


Well,  we all know what being friendzoned means. But what's sexzoned? I didn't actually coin the word. I just heard it from a radio show months ago. Their topic was "How would you know if your partner is just in it for sex." Some of the answers were. If he usually texts you in the wee hours. If he spends more time having sex with you than spending more quality time with you. If  he is extravagant in his gifts and gestures (because he wants sex afterwards).

So the question remains, which is better - being friendzoned or sexzoned?

For me, I like being friendzoned better. I am the type of guy who would rather have an emotional connection rather than a physical one, despite being perceived differently.  I rather have a meaningful or witty conversation over coffee or a bucket o' beer than have a limited time in bed. I'd rather have fun times in different activities than just with one act of having sex. Ain't I sweet? hehe

You may be cringing right now, or raising your eyebrow. But that's my honest answer. Given only these two choice, these two extremes, I'll be better off being friendzoned. When I say friend, I mean the true sense of friendship, and not just something you say to someone you don't like or want to dump.

But of course if I had another choice, I'd rather have a friend with lots of benefits. char. :p

How bout you, which do you prefer?

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  1. eh pwede naman palang friends with lots of benefits eh bakit magsesexzoned pa?! char!

  2. hmmnnn... parang nakikipag-usap sa akn ang post na ito at natawa ako dahil nakataas talaga ang kilay ko dun sa part na sinabi mong kataas-taas nga ng kilay....

    hmnnn... yeah friendzoned is better after a lousy sex... hehehe

    kidding aside, based on your historical posts, I believe you naman na you prefer friendzoned... kesa naman complicated db?

  3. Ayoko ng friendzoned. Friendzoned with benefits dapat. lol

  4. Tara ATV tayo hehehe (",)
    ... ang layo ng comment ko haha :)

  5. None, Sir. Lol.

    Happy Easter Hustin.

  6. sexzoned. dami na ako friends, and too old for making new friends. :p but never too old to have sex.

  7. FRIENDZONED! Ayaw ko ng gamitan lang ang peg - lugi ako doon, talo kami lagi mga babae sa ganyan hahahaha :)