Sex Changes Everything


It's just something that I've been thinking of lately. Sex, I think, changes everything. For some, sex can be as casual as just having dinner together. Expecting nothing in return. Just contented with a night's pleasure and waking up in the morning with someone to cuddle. But for most people, including me (well, most of the time), post-sex is very crucial. It'll either make or break the relationship, even if it's just starting as friendship or dating.

There's this guy who I like very much. We spent the night together in our first date. The night was very much enjoyable - and the things that happened. But come morning, it just went downhill. There were already disparity in our expectations which was mostly my fault. I have to admit, I really did something wrong. So now, the sweetness that once filled his messages became more generic and friendly. I'm still trying to turn things around with him. Trying to bring back what I wrecked. But, there's only so much a person can do for someone. If he really lost interest, then there's nothing much I can do. I'll just hold him to his word that even though things wouldn't work out, we'd still be activity buddies.

Then there's this guy who's very much in to me. Alright, you can bring that eyebrow down now. He's really a nice guy. At first I didn't want to entertain him 'cause I was already eyeing the guy above. But since things went bland with us, I started to give attention to this guy. So far we went out twice. And in that times, it was all wholesome - dinner, drinks, talks, walks. Surprisingly, it very fun and enjoyable. No sexual innuendos, no inappropriate touching. Oh, there's some tickling that went on. But other than that, it was all rated G. So far, I'm enjoying our moments together. 

Lastly, there's a friend who wanted to start something with me. I find him as a really good catch. Successful. Stable. Good-looking. Athletic. But what set me off was our exchange of message which started as joke indecent proposals. Those things really put my guard up. Later on, he admitted he wanted to start something serious with me. I guess if he just asked me out to hang out, I may have given him a chance. But still, I see him as a friend and I wouldn't want to lose that friendship for something that I cannot commit to.

I guess,  I keep forgetting that relationships that start with sex wouldn't go far. I've been through it many times already. Ask people in twitter. LOL *shut up, now* If I really want to have a relationship with a guy, I need to make moments with him. Memories that we could reminisce when we're apart. I think it's watching Sex and the City that messed with my mind. Sex is fun and all. But I'm starting to realize that I don't need just a lover, but also a friend and partner.


  1. oh carrie bradshaw, how you screwed us all up. haha i stand firm in my belief that it's not sex but the expectations that sprout from it which tend to tangle and complicate.

  2. It would have been nice if you started this post with a "that night I relationships that begin with sex last?" para very Carrie na, tutal sinisi mo naman ang Sex and the City haha :)

    I have been on a date tapos kembot agad, got a 5 year long relationship out of it. I must be good no? Haha, kidding - indeed it's better to establish romance first tapos, bondage na after :)

  3. Citybuoy, you're right. sex is good, great even. it's the expectation that's problematic. hehe

    Zai, oo nga noh, very Carrie yung ganung style. hehe. Eh di ikaw na ang magaling sa kemehan LOL at magaling ka rin pala sa bondage! hahaha