Willing To Try. To Learn.


Before they've been labeled as powers, I think they all went through a learning phase. Nobody can be experts on their first try, right? It takes practice to master any skill and develop a personal approach for each technique and position. 

I remember the first time I was given some pointers by a former lover. I was such naive about certain things. When it came to the bed department, all I had was the one and only style I ever did to pleasure my partner. So having someone to mentor me and showing me the ropes widened my perspective on things you could do  in bed.

It's good that you're willing to learn and try. But I guess it's far better if you're partner is also willing to learn and try as much as you do. The zeal in trying out things really spices up the relationship. I remember this guy I dated. He's really cool. One night, we wanted to try out something we haven't done before but nevertheless  very much willing to experience it. Two condoms and a number of failed attempts later, we still hadn't accomplished what we planned to do. But the good thing there was we didn't get frustrated or disappointed. We just accepted that the circumstances didn't really allowed to "get in" the moment.  We then just looked forward to our next meetings. We're not sure if it's his end or my tip that had the problem. But we kinda agreed to give it a try the next time. As they say, try and try until you come inside.

So there. My realization is:
Find someone who is willing to learn and try out things with you.


  1. Why does something naughty come to mind when I read technique and position? I do have a corrupted mind.

    But yes, I agree, no one becomes a master right away! It takes years of learning and practice. Even when you're a master you still have to be open to learn new techniques and positions :)

  2. Citybuoy, I accidentaly published it instead of saving it as a draft. hehe

    Mac, ano pa nga ba. che! haha

    Zai, no, you don't have a corrupted mind. haha it's a corrupted post :P