Two for Two

After meeting these guys, something kinda dawned on me...


I met him for the first time that day. He agreed to accompany me to an 'important' matter. Though we have been exchanging  messages for quite some time, I was still anxious for our first actual meet up.

I already knew what he looked like. Based on the picture he sent, he could pass as a print ad model. He has a boyish charm to him, with rosy cheeks, and fair complexion. And according to him, he's also tall.

First things I thought of when I saw the photo he sent me was 'Oh, he's so freaking hot!' 'He's so gorgeous!' "WOW" "Take me home!" hehe. Honestly, I didn't want to believe that it's his actual photo. I was like, 'no, he can't be this hot.' I was thinking, maybe he's just shy or maybe he wants to project a persona. And since our interaction was always pleasant (he's really very nice, friendly and funny), I went along with it, thinking that it's him on the photo.

He called me on my phone as I walked towards where we were supposed to meet. While he was talking to me and asking me where I was, I kept saying to myself 'please, be someone else. please, be a poser. please don't be the one in the photo.' And as walked closer, I saw him. All I could think of was 'OMG, he's the real deal!' He is freaking good-looking! Good thing we already established rapport because I honestly don't know what I would do if it was the first for us in everything.

The day went by as planned with some minor changes. But I am looking forward to seeing more of my new friend in the coming days.


He was at the waiting area when I first laid eyes on him. I was seated in front of him that's why I was able to take a good look. He was staring at his laptop, busy with what I think was work-related. As I observe him and how he interacts with other people in the area, I felt like I have seen him somewhere before. You see, I'm really bad with names, even worse, I'm bad with locations or events or venues. I could remember faces, but can't remember where or when I saw them.

I finished doing what I was supposed to do but still decided to hang around the waiting area to, well, wait for my friends to finish what they were supposed to do. Get it? It was taking my friends so long to finish.Good thing there was him and his colleagues to entertain me and accompany me in killing time.

During that wait, I got acquainted with all of them. They we were all laughing and teasing each other. They were just a riot. Still at the back of my mind, I was trying to recall where him and me first shared an event. But unfortunately, my memory failed me.

It was getting late and my friends were still doing their thing. So I decided to go along with them and go home.

At home, I immediately went to stalker mode and looked him up in the internet. Fortunately, he had a Facebook profile and luckily we had two common friends, and that his profile pic was his and not a cartoon or a baby or an animal.

Not for anything else but to know where our path previously crossed, I sent him a message. I hoped I didn't come off as a stalker or a pervert or someone who wants a booty call by telling a cheesy line like 'I think I know you from somewhere.'

Thankfully, he didn't seem to think that way. He is really friendly and approachable. We've been texting ever since.


There are two conflicting personalities that often battle whenever I am in social situations - one is the outgoing, can-mingle-with-anybody type and the introverted, only-interacts-with-a-few type. And as much I want to perceive myself as the type who can interact with all types of people, in all social class and status, and beauty, there are still things inside of me that give me a hard time in achieving that.

I banked on the friendship that I started with the first guy to help me survive our first meeting. Though I was positively awestruck with him, I was able to pull myself together and just be there as a friend which was what i really wanted in the first place. really. I also realized that I didn't have a lot of good looking guy friends growing up. maybe that's why I feel inferior or insecure around them

Lastly, I realized that it would be easier for me to just think of every guy that I meet as friends. I should fantasize of anything else because it will just distract me from truly knowing that person. I might miss out on a great activity buddy just because I started to flirt with him and I drive him away.

Guess I should stick to my original reason in interacting (may it be in person, or in social networking sites) with guys which was to gain more friends and people to understand. I sometimes get lost with the atmosphere of flirting and teasing in twitter that I am having a hard time snapping back to my own ways. hehe now, here's to more friendships :)


  1. I can relate to the last 4 paragraphs bcoz I have also the same battle of being extrovert or introvert to my new acquaintances.

    with regards in drawing a line of bounderies between the people we just met, I agree on what you said on your line "I might miss out on a great activity buddy just because I started to flirt with him "

    -first time here. nice meeting you budz

  2. ahem! so kitams, hindi stalker ang dating :)

  3. Jei Son: Thanks for dropping by hehe

    Zai: haha hindi nga hihi ;)

  4. So ... how is the friendship going on? =) Did you manage to not fall in love? =)


    1. Naku! Kane. Eeee. Actually. But I made a boo-boo. I said something I really meant and took it back moments later.. sobrang bad shot ako sa kanya tuloy. haayss :(