Wasted. Sex. Age

when having sex, seek to pleasure yourself and not your partner

Since I needed some distraction last night, I went out with my straight guy friends. Though there was no booze involved since liquor ban already started when we got to the fort, we just settled for a cup of coffee and some good ol' fashioned lafftrip conversation. Sometimes there were some bits of wisdom I heard from them.

On kissing having sex and telling: My friend had classified his friends into groups if ever they have sex: when both of them are game, either one of them is game when wasted (drunk or high), or both of them are game when wasted. When asked what the difference was, he said it's what can be told or be kept a secret. He keeps mum on his adventures when booze or drugs is involved. It belongs to the what-happens-in-stays-in category. Therefore, we, his friends, wouldn't hear about that story from him ever.

On sex and pleasure: Another friend shared something he read when he was still in gradeschool. As he remembers it, the article said, when having sex, seek to pleasure yourself and not your partner. Your partner should also seek to pleasure her(his) self, as well. When both of you seek to pleasure your own selves, you'll also be able to pleasure each other. Only when you feel you are pleasured can you also pleasure your partner.

It's a different point of view in the pleasuring side of sex, right? Books on sex would teach you how to pleasure your partner. What my friend shared contradicts what sex books tell us. But the article has a point. By seeking to pleasure yourself, you take away the pressure and stress in trying to pleasure your partner.

On age: When our topic turned to our age, I shared to my friends that for the longest time, I've always perceived myself still as a 23-year old guy. I keep forgetting that I'm already 26 going on 27 this year. It's like I'm stuck at 23. I don't know if I forgot to grow or that there's not much that happened in the last three years. I just wish  my idea of self and my real age be synced soon and that something productive happens in my life.

In other news, I think I'll be using one of the techniques from my previous post. Maybe the first one. Grr. I forgot how painful a heartache is. Guess this is my karma. This is exactly why I don't want to give my all yet. It hurts bigtime! Jeez.


  1. One does not heal, when one is not hurt.
    One does not know what real happiness is, if that person haven't experience pain.

    Believe, it'll be better soon ☺

  2. If he read it back in grade school, maybe he read it wrong. But then again, most bi men agree that gay sex is more self-serving than hetero sex. i guess it's cuz men cum faster?

  3. Bry: thanks bro. :)

    Citybuoy: That's what he told us. And he was talking about straight sex that time. But I agree, gay sex is more self-serving.

  4. awww... don't believe in karma... you got great friends like you...may substance... I like their pointssssS...

    1. you're right, I shouldn't believe in karma. I'm just reaping what I've sown. hehe thanks Senyor, miss u guys :)