Facebook Friendship

Do you know the Friendship feature of Facebook? The friendship page is like your usual profile page, in timeline format with cover photo. The difference is that it only shows the posts and photos and other mutual connections you and your friend has. For example, I go to my friendship page with friend A. I would expect to see our mutual friends, mutual likes, timeline conversation, and photos that we are both tagged in. It's an old service actually, but it's only now that I discovered it's full potential. It's one great stalking tool. I know, boredom made me do it.

I initially thought that the service works just for you and your friend, hence its link 'See Friendship.' I then discovered that you can write virtually anyone in the box and see if they have mutual friends.

Here's the thing. I've been stalking this guy, a classmate, which I have a strange vibe with. Everytime I'm with him, my gaydar goes wild - like butterflies in my tummy.

A little bit earlier, I opened the FB page of O-bar Ortigas (just because my people are going there tonight). And just out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I sought the friendship between my friend and O-bar. Lo and behold they have 61 friends in common. Most, if not all, are buffed up guys who you wouldn't have thought to be clubgoers. (Well, di ko pa naman nakikita ang demographics ng O-bar clubgoers. So what do I know.) Most of them are sports-enthusiasts, gym-goers, and corporate weekend warriors. 

Then, I wonder, how do you subtly tell a guy, who you are friends with - but not yet in the secret-sharing level, that you are also on a common boat as he is? May code ba tayo para jan -  hand signals, chants, secret password, secret handshake? 


  1. I am not a club goer but I check out O-bar's photos in facebook. They upload photos of their events almost every week. Most of the time, I see familiar faces...people I know personally.

  2. Really? So do you talk to them about you seeing their pictures?