Tease and Control


A friend (yes, friend talaga, sana mabasa mo 'to) and I were having a light conversation through text one night. One of the topics was something about refraining from being a tease. I told him that for me it's alright to tease, it's the thing after the tease that should be controlled. Same is my belief on flirting. He replied, "gawain mo kasi kaya alam mo mag control..."

I didn't know how to react at first. I was thinking, "should I feel insulted?" Then, I tried to reflect on his statement. Am I tease, I said to myself. If I tease or flirt, am I able to control myself?

That's when I realized that more often than not, I would give in to my urge and wouldn't resist invites. I am after all allowed to enjoy my single-hood, right? Plus, it's really nice to cuddle afterwards.

Oh, but there's a lot of times I tease without anything happening, like in random places. I'm not a horny bunny to approach just about anyone who returns a look.

But still, I firmly believe (haha, with conviction) that flirting / teasing is very healthy and necessary. It gets our mojos up and our sense in heightened levels. Pleasure centers are very much ready to process even the slightest stimuli for maximal arousal.

photo from here.


  1. I have a reputation of being a tease..and I live up to the reputation hehe :)

    Sama ka na next eb ha, sabihan ka na namin in advance :)

  2. Ternie: di kaya :p

    Zai: hehe mukha nga. joke :D sige, sige! *egzoyted

  3. hmm, care to share notes on Tease101? ;)