Style envy and turn-on: Ectomorphs

I'm a shirt-jeans kind of guy. My sense of style, at least what I want for myself, is more on simplicity and comfort, relaxed. I'm not really into layering, or colors, or brands, or accessories. As long as I feel comfortable with what I'm wearing and the clothes match, I'm okay. I'm bordering on the heavy side, fine I'm already gone over the heavy limit, which makes my choice of clothes , style, and pattern very limited.

Here are some of the people I envy who just look good in anything.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Ryan J. Adams

Harry Shaum

Ectomorph - a bodytype. typically a skinny guy. small frame, long limbs, lean muscles.

*Photos are not mine.


  1. Hi colleague! same concerns here, I'm trying to eliminate the flabs so that I can wear whatever I fancy ;)

  2. Jet: Colleague! my greatest frustration is my wardrobe. kelangan muna magbago ng somatotype bago bumili ng damit! Hope we could meet sometime :)